Fun Mexican Mariachi Entertainment

When you visit Casa Sol y Mar, the menu is only part of the experience! Live entertainment brings the spirit of Mexico up close! Our restaurants are famous for strolling mariachis. They will serenade you with performances on Thursday through Sunday evenings and during special events, completing the cultural experience.

Make Casa Sol y Mar “your place” to dine for Mexican food in San Diego. You’ll enjoy our fresh Mexican dishes and our friendly and fun atmosphere.

Lively Mariachis:

Thurs – Sun 5-9 p.m.

Mariachis Are Mexico and Vice Versa

While every Mexican restaurant likes to think they’re the real deal, at Casa Sol y Mar, we have gone the extra mile to bring a truly
authentic Mexican restaurant to San Diego. It’s not just our traditional dishes prepared fresh daily featuring the regional cuisine of
Mexico, or the Anejo and Reposada premium tequilas we carry. Nor is it only the charming atmosphere featuring the Mexican folk art, accented
by red, green, and orange glazed Mexican tiles. While all these things contribute to our authentic Mexican experience, nothing says Mexico
like our strolling Mariachis.

Mariachi , More Than Music

Today, when we think Mariachi, we think of a band of men, playing violins, guitars, accordions, or even trumpets, in colorful charro suits
and wide brimmed hats, strolling through Mexican plazas or streets or serenading diners in cantinas or restaurants. But how did they come to be? The short answer is no one can say for sure, but all agree tracing mariachis is the same as tracing the evolutions of the Mexican

The indigenous people of Mexico had their flutes, whistles and drums but produced nothing approaching the poignant, rich, Mariachi sound.

That had to wait for the invasion of the Spanish and their missionaries who brought their musical instruments and played them during Mass.

Over time the people used these instruments to devise secular songs proclaiming love, betrayal, death, machismo, even politics and the music came to be known as Mariachi.

The origin of the name is still up for grabs. Some believe it has its root in mariage, the French name for wedding, since the music was played at marriage ceremonies. Others trace it back to a holy virgin known as Maria H (pronounced phonetically, Maria Ah-chay) since
the music abounded at a festival honoring her.

Mariachi as Politics

But what we definitely know is that with the advent of the 19th century, the criollos (Mexicans of Spanish descent), seeking to establish an identity of their own separate from Spain, adopted Mariachi music as the Music of Mexico, and the people built their entertainment around

Musicians, clad in workmen’s garb white shirt, pants and straw hats traveled from hacienda to hacienda seeking employment at celebrations and during the Mexican revolution spread the news with their songs as they traveled from town to town.

Today, we invite you to come and share in the culture of Mexico every Wednesday thru Sunday, 5-9 p.m., as our Mariachis stroll through Casa Sol y Mar.

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